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Staff Report


Friday, January 11, 2013


SABATTUS - The space is official. Now the planning begins. Selectmen this week voted to set aside one-third of an acre on Green Street as the future home of the Sabattus Veterans Memorial Park Town Manager Andrew Gilmore said the site was once home to the Klondike Mill, which burned down, and had been used to pile snow. An environmental study of the mill property didn't identify any significant issues, he said. The town already has a nearby memorial started after World War I with the names of fallen soldiers. "Our Memorial Day Parade goes right by there," Gilmore said. "It's a perfect spot: high visibility, a block away from the current war memorial and really ties in nicely with the center of the village." The vote formally paved the way for fundraising, planning and designing.


Sabattus Veterans Memorial Park Committee (SVMPC)

Mission Statement


To establish a Sabattus Veterans Memorial Park with the intent to erect a new town Veterans Monument at the desired location near the current Sabattus Veterans Monument complex. The new Veterans Monument is to be erected to honor all Sabattus Maine veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces, past, present and future, and all veterans buried in cemeteries within the Town of Sabattus. It is also the committee's goal to collect and preserve archival records related to these individuals.


Support Veterans Park, Purchase a Brick for a Veteran


The Sabattus Veterans Memorial Park Committee in conjunction with Collette Monuments of Lewiston will be selling personalized granite bricks as part of the Veterans Park design as well as a major fundraiser for the project. Three sizes will be available for purchase at the following prices which include engraving.


$60 - 8"x4"x2" - 3 lines with 10

characters per line


$90 - 8"x8"x2"- 5 lines with 10

characters per line


$120 - 12"xI2"x2"- 6 lines with 15

characters per line


*The lettering on the bricks must adhere to the following rules:


1.    Will honor any past or present veteran with a local connection.

2.    Must be the veteran's name but not limited to the possibility of including the veteran's service rank, branch, war or peace time period, and service dates.

3.    Businesses, organizations, or companies are prohibited to donate a brick with their affiliated name or emblem. However, businesses, organizations, or companies are encouraged to donate a brick or multiple bricks that honors any past or present veteran with a local connection.


*Forms for ordering the granite bricks will be available at the Sabattus town office




The Sabattus Veterans Memorial Park committee is pleased to announce a special offer from Stevens Hardware & Rental Store in Sabattus in support of this project.




*Please contact the store for more information. Stevens Hardware & Rental 186 Sabattus Road Sabattus, Maine 04280 Tel. (207) 375-6253







Steven Caron

Chairman and Liaison to

Town Manager/Town Office


Andre’ Marquis

Secretary/Vice Chairman


Connie Castonguay

Financial Coordinator


Russell Stewart

Fund Raising Coordinator


Ray Asselin

Marketing Coordinator


Jim Rancourt

Project Coordinator


Ron Caron

Design Coordinator


Tom Winslow

Resources and Contribution



An Official Committee of

the Town of Sabattus


190 Middle Road

Sabattus, Maine



Tel. (207) 375-4331


Fax (207) 375-4104


Gold Star Families Program



Blue Star Families Program



Gold Star families have family members who died or was killed serving in the armed forces. This is signified on a service flag with a small gold star placed on top of a blue star.


Blue Star families have family members serving in the armed forces. This is symbolized on a service flag with a blue star.


Family Members

Family members authorized to display service flags include the spouse, parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, children, step-children, adopted children, brothers, sisters, half-brothers and half-sisters.


Flag Display

Service flags can have five stars. Gold stars must be positioned above blue stars or at the top right of the flag. Service flags should be smaller than the U.S. flag and must face out the front window of a residence.



Several related organizations including Blue Star Families, Blue Star Mothers of America, American Gold Star Mothers and Gold Star Wives of America.

As Needed


















Blue Star Program


Download a Flyer


Download an Application

Boys and Girl State Program


Recruit candidates to attend Boys  and Girls State Program.  Students selected attend a “model government” event in Augusta.  Held at Thomas College (Boys) and Husson University (Girls)



Americanism Officer

Color Guard


Provides Color Guard at Legion events and parades as requested.


Between 4-6 Legionnaires

-      Color Guard Commander

-      American Flag Bearer

-      State Flag Bearer

-      Two Rifle Bearers

-      Legion Flag Bearer (Event Specific)


See Color Guard Commander to join! Volunteers Welcome!

As needed

Color Guard Commander

Event Volunteers






Provide staffing for various events held in the Legion Hall.


-      Bartenders (Need to be trained)

-      Breakfast Helpers

-       Event monitors

Various Dates

See Calendar

Post Commander


Flag Day


Flag Day at Legion Hall


Flag Day at RSU #4 – Carrie Ricker



Flag Etiquette Class

 at RSU #4 Carrie Ricker


Conducts and assists in flag day ceremonies at RSU #4 and the Sabattus Legion Hall.


-      Legion members attend events

-      Present flags to students

-      Demonstrate flag etiquette

-      Dignified disposal at Post

-      Formal Ceremony

-      Girl Scouts

-      Boy Scouts

-      Civic Leaders

-      Refreshments















Volunteers arrive as requested.

June 14th

Flag Day

Americanism Officer

Honor Guard

(Rifle Team)


Provide firing salute at selected events and veteran’s funerals.


7 Member Team and Alternates


-      Fire 21 Gun Honors Salute – 7 Legionnaires, 3 shots

-      Provide spent cartridges to the family members


See Honor Guard Commander to join!  Volunteers Welcome


As needed

Color Guard Commander

Legion Breakfast




Cook, clean and serve at the monthly fundraising breakfasts at the Legion Hall.


-      Cooks

-      Servers

-      Clean-up


(No breakfasts held during July and August)


Volunteers arrive at 0700 hours.


Oct – Jun

7:30 – 10:30 am


First Sunday of the Month!


Except Jan, Jul, Aug and Sep


Check Calendar for dates.


Post Commander


Auxiliary President


Memorial Day Parade



Legion conducts the Memorial Day Parade for Sabattus




-      Marching Units - SPD, SFD, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Legion Riders.

-      School band and Chorus

-      Veterans are welcome to march!

-      Guest Speakers


Volunteers arrive at Legion Hall ½ hour prior to the event.





Memorial Day

Americanism Officer

Memorial Day Event


Posting Flags at

local Cemeteries


Pay It Forward


By Aimée N. Lanteigne


Celebrating Memorial Day and our veterans has grown into somewhat of a tradition at Oak Hill Middle School in Sabattus.  Every year on the Friday afternoon before Memorial Day, eighth grade students honor their loved ones who served in the military with a moving ceremony in the gym recognizing their contributions and sacrifices to our country.  In the morning, our entire middle school participates in Advisory Day where small groups of students and their advisors do something fun together for the whole morning that is also considered a form of community service.


This year, seventh and eighth grade social studies teachers, Aimée Lanteigne and Darryl Ellis, combined their advisory groups and took them to the Plains Cemetery in Litchfield and the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Sabattus to place flags on the graves of veterans.  Before heading out to the cemeteries, we took our twenty students to Rt. 197 Diner in Litchfield for breakfast.  Service was prompt and the food was yummy and filling.  When the waitress brought us the bill, all the kids’ orders were combined together and a grand total of $159.61 had to somehow be divided amongst the 22 of us based on what we each ordered.  As Darryl and I were trying to figure out how to best tackle that, another customer came over to our table and grabbed the check out of my hand. “I got that,” he said.  “What?  Are you even serious?”  I asked jokingly.  “Yeah, I’m serious.  I’ve got it.”  After Darryl and I exchanged dumbfounded looks with one another, we shook our head in disbelief.  “Unbelievable,” Darryl said quietly.


Turns out this customer was Larry Gowell, a lifelong resident of Litchfield who went to Litchfield Schools and graduated from Monmouth Academy. Darryl actually had Larry as a student in the 70's. He is a former Deputy Chief in the Litchfield Fire Department. Larry is a co-head bus driver for RSU #4, and he owns and operates G & G Cash Fuel and G & G Bottled Gas. Larry and his wife, Lisa, had a son, Larry Jr. who was wounded in Iraq and died here at home from blood clots associated with his combat wounds.  Lisa and Larry and their daughter, Amanda, sat in a booth next to the window that morning, and after Larry grabbed the check from us, Lisa explained that they had a son buried in the Plains Cemetery and they were so thankful that we were remembering the veterans by placing flags on their graves.  Darryl stood up and announced to the entire restaurant what had just transpired and everyone erupted into applause.  All the kids went and shook Larry’s hand before heading back out to the bus.  What a way to start the day.


Rallied by Norman Bernier and Ron Caron, members of the American Legion William R. Bold Post No. 4 in Litchfield and American Legion Post No.135 in Sabattus met us at the cemeteries and went over how to carefully and respectfully remove tattered flags, readjust the place holders, insert the new flags, and salute at the foot of the grave while verbally expressing our thanks for the service of those buried below us.  The Legionnaires presence added a vivid and tangible reminder of just exactly whom we were honoring, our communities’ fallen heroes now slumbering in their eternal resting place.  The veterans who showed up at the cemeteries to help the students all commented on what a terrific job they did and everyone involved, Legionnaires, teachers, and students alike, all hope to continue this wonderful tradition year after year.  As Larry Gowell so generously showed, this is our way of paying it forward.






Memorial Day

Americanism Office

Oratorical Program


Recruit candidates for the Oratorical Program.


The Oratorical Contest presents participants with an academic speaking challenge that teaches important leadership qualities, the history of our nation's laws, the ability to think and speak clearly, and an understanding of the duties, responsibilities, rights and privileges of American citizenship.


Congratulations to Miss Victoria Schalk, Sabattus

2013 State Oratorical Winner

(2nd from Left)

Representing Post 135, and Maine District 3

at the National Oratorical Competition in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Participants for 2013 – 2014

Being Accepted Now!


Click here to apply!


As Announced

Americanism Officer




Clyde Therriault Scholarship – Two Awarded


April - June


School Award Medal Program


Informational Brochure

Those who receive a medal must exemplify six qualities that define character: courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service.






Annual Card Party



The post Auxiliary holds an annual card party at the post, all members are invited to attend and participate.



Joan Caron


Annual Turkey Raffle



Raffle Tickets are sold each year for prizes of Turkeys and gift cards.


Just before Thanksgiving the post holds an event at the post where you can buy tickets for several rounds of turkey drawings, the tickets are only $1.




Don Lebel

Annual Craft Fair


The Auxiliary hosts a crafts fair just before Christmas!




Darts League Play

Test your competitive skills as a member of the Dart League!  Call the post for more information


2nd Vice Commander

Cribbage Night


Players enjoy a Tuesday

At the Legion Hall


Come join us for a game of Cribbage and good company!  Call the post for more information.



6-8 pm


Post Sponsorships


Special Olympics



Camp "Tall Pines"

Boy and Girl Scouting 

Sabattus Recreation

Children’s Christmas Party - December

Child Welfare Foundation

Togus Gift Shop - December

Maine Veterans Home

Troop Support – December

Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets – November/December